Intention Beads

7-Day Intention Challenge (by invite only)


*You must "check out" to confirm your attendance- You will not be charged. This is a FREE EVENT!

EVERYDAY 10 am CST (Chicago)
From Saturday, January 16 to Friday, January 22
Zoom link is provided
after you confirm below (a.k.a. check-out)

You have been invited to the 7-Day Intention Challenge! This is a week-long event where you and other registered talisman-wearers will come together via video call to hear more about the talisman process with Sandy & to intend and affirm your latest intentions. 

The itinerary will be similar every day. Sandy will guide you all through her talisman making process, manifestation ceremony, transit selections, and more as you will announce your daily intention and affirmation to a private group! These daily meetings will be about 30 mins.

If you have a talisman (i.e. universal bracelet, personal bracelet/mala, or new moon mala), you are welcome to register below! And if you have more than one talisman, Sandy will instruct you how to choose which talisman to begin your day. Make sure that you have the bracelet and intention card for these meetings!

If you did not receive an invite, you will need to request access by emailing or using the chat box below with your talisman serial number!

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