He Beads

Men's Bracelets


Our Men’s Bracelets, or better known as He Beads, capture the essence of the man who isn’t afraid of a little self-expression. Easy to wear every day or worn for special occasions, each bracelet is waterproof, durable, and hand-made.

Constructed from hard-wearing and color-fast polymer clay, with durable & protected elastic. Each bracelet can handle big bumps and tough treatment, so no need to baby them.

Handmade, all-clay beads made in the ancient style of millefiori. Extremely durable. Waterproof, too. Made in America. Available in six sizes and various patterns. Each bracelet comes in a white mesh gift bag with our original He Beads card.



In 1995, basketball legend Michael Jordan requested a hand-rolled clay bead bracelet from beadmaker, Sandy Rueve. He wore it before every game and soon after, his teammates were requesting their own one-of-a-kind bracelets and He Beads was born. He Beads are designed exclusively for men in a variety of colors and handmade patterns. Durable and waterproof, He Beads make style simple and unique.



Average man would wear a size L
Average woman's size is M
For a more custom measurement: View the Bracelet Sizing Page 

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