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Personal Intention Talismans

The Process

What is a Personal Intention Talisman?
A beautiful, handmade clay talisman (in either bracelet or mala form) fully customized to your astrological horoscope, intention, and color choice. 

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Personal Intention Talismans


You and Sandy will meet via phone call for the Intention Consultation. First, Sandy will describe your astrological chart focusing on your talents, challenges, and important shifts within your path. Towards the end of the call, Sandy will take all this astrological knowledge and with your help will translate the most meaning and powerful words that will become your intention.

Personal Intention Talismans

Step 3 • THE GO TIME

After the intention consultation, Sandy searches for your ‘Go Time’—the most auspicious time to support your intention and the exact moment that your talisman will be created. After finding this Go Time, Sandy plans for you both to be in sacred space- allowing and conducting the cosmic energies!

Personal Intention Talismans


During the ‘Go Time,’ both you and Sandy are present with the energies available. While Sandy handmakes your talisman with the color and style you decided upon, you hold sacred space. This time is most important- since the astrological alignments are present! Many clients report having brilliant experiences and powerful moments thru repeating the self-affirming words of the intention, connecting with spirit, and planning the momentous ceremony/rite of passage.

Personal Intention Talismans


Once you receive your Intention Bracelet in the mail, you and Sandy have one final call- the activation call. This is a time that Sandy hands over all the power and ownership of the talisman to you! Your talisman embodies the energy and acts as a daily reminder and compass to your greatest Intention.

Personal Intention Talismans


Throughout the first year with your talisman, stay accountable! Once you register your talisman, you are emailed each month a private link to your personal, digital journal. You choose to keep it private for your own reference, or share your story to inspire others!


Astrology Readings

Connect with Sandy over the phone or video chat

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Astrology Readings

Sandy is known as the Optimistic Astrologer, a title that proves her uplifting messages and infectious excitement. 

From your birth information (month, day year, time, location),
Sandy calculates your natal chart, a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. After the first look at your chart, she begins to dig through the many layers of astrological energies, weaving them into storylines that relate to your life, and bring through your overall essence with some future energies to pay attention to. 


After your first reading with Sandy, move onto more advanced sessions: personal talismans, relationship readings, career guidances, intention setting consultations, or monthly/quarterly check-ins.

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Joined by daughter and business partner, Sandy and Alexandra come together to bring the stars to you each week. Learn about the latest astrology transits, upcoming talismans, & other matters at an easy pace. 

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