Quick answer: Universal talismans are created for the general public and for a wide array of desires. However, personal talismans are created individually according to one's specific desires and astrological chart. 

Intention Beads are your one-of-a-kind astrological talismans. Each of our talismans are created according to TIME. As with astrology, timing is everything. So when there is a powerful alignment, our talisman-maker, Sandy Rueve, gets to work!

Using precise times, either planned for a general audience or chosen specifically according to your natal chart, these bracelets are hand-crafted at astrological times to embody the powers available by the universe. 

Universal Talismans are created at times chosen for their more general and broader intentions. These are talismans available to anyone since the times they were created were chosen for a global audience. Shop the universal talismans

Personal Talismans are created at specifically chosen times according to one person’s specific birthdata. First, the intention is written, then Sandy uses their astrological chart to find the best time for the personal talisman to be made. During that time, while Sandy creates the talisman, the owner is in meditation or sacred space. Start your personal talisman