Sandy Rueve
Looking for She Beads?

After 24 years in business, the She Beads studio has closed and will be re-opening for online-only pop-up sales throughout the year. Sign up for the She Beads email list to be notified when these sales will be happening! Repairs are still welcome year-round: Repair Registration & Payment

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The decision to close was to focus all attention and energy to Sandy's new company, Intention Beads. Each bead is handmade by Sandy during astrological, powerful times. By translating the Astrological meanings into written Intentions and Affirmations, Sandy gives each bead its unique purpose. Then, the owner has a tangible tool to help guide them in visioning and manifesting their future! 

SHE BEADS STORY: Sandy developed her sense of style and affinity for design while growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sandy knew early on that she wanted to involve herself in a career that enabled her to help others. A devoted stay-at-home mother of two she soon began juggling three part-time jobs to care for her young family.  One of these jobs included working as an X-ray technician for the world famous Chicago Bulls.  Driven by her creative instincts, Sandy started a small cottage business, designing and selling jewelry and accessories. In 1993, at the request of Michael Jordan, Sandy designed and hand crafted beads for the sports legend. It was through the act of this fortunate deed, that She Beads was born. And the story is just beginning. . .