Dancing with Chicago Celebrities – Breast Cancer Fundraiser Event

In March, She Beads was involved in a wonderful event downtown Chicago, the Dancing with Chicago Celebrities ‘One in a Million’ Campaign to support Breast Cancer, hosted by Arthur Murray. We were invited thanks to Dina Bair, a She Beads customer who is the founding member of the One in a Million campaign. She is also an Emmy-winner journalist and current anchor on WGN Midday News. The event was impressive: Chicago celebrities out in style, Professional dancers showcasing dances throughout 100 years of movie magic and the stage set in traditional ballroom style with the glamorous feel of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ complete with Judges and audience participation (yes, we got to dance too!). This year’s winners included:

Cortney Hall (WGN Morning News) – the Celebrity Champion
Dan Proft (WLS – AM Radio) – Celebrity MVP (raised the most money of the celebrities)
Drew Nieman (U.S. Equities) – Corporate Challenge Champion
Maggie Zellers (Deloitte Tax LLP) – Corporate Challenge MVP (raised the most money of the corporate sponsors)



Check out Drew’s photos . Do you see his wrist? He is wearing one of our Breast Cancer Charity Bracelets!



The event also included a silent auction, live auction and of course … She Beads!


If you would like more information about the organization or information on next year’s GALA event, go onto the attached website:  http://amdwcc.org/One_in_A_Million_Effort.html


This truly impressive event raised over $100,000 for Breast Cancer research, including our She Beads contribution for all the charity beads sold (remember – 50% of every charity bead sale goes back to the Charity). We have added a small collection of photos of the event for your enjoyment!


If you would like to purchase a Breast Cancer Charity Bracelet – go to our Charity section. And, if you would like more information about getting She Beads involved with your charity/organization, please contact me, Tracey. I would love to help support your cause.


Enjoy the photos!



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