MOD-DOT Holiday Set

See how we designed our bracelet to match this cute Jewelry Bag

Ever wonder how we come up with design ideas for our millefiori canes? Inspiration can come from anywhere!

For our Mod-Dot design, the path started when we decided to do a special holiday gift--a jewelry bag for our super-fab customers that could hold their She Beads treasures.

So, the search began. First on the list--this special bag had to be made in America, just like our beads. That led us to Le Pique Nique of Tacoma, Wash. who had just the perfect-size bag with the perfect bead-like dot design.

We talked with Jordan of Le Pique Nique, ordered some bags and got them in our studio pronto! From there, we were inspired by the bag's bright, cheery design and created a brand new millefiori cane to match. Take a look at the video to see how that all came together.

Viola! The Mod-Dot set of matching bracelet, jewelry bag and single-bead pull!

About Le Pique Nique

Le Pique Nique bags have been handmade in a little workshop in Tacoma, Washington for the past four years. Owner and designer, Jordani Sarreal, combines colorful printed fabrics with the highest quality craftsmanship to create bags that are both functional and fashionable. Her bags can be found on Etsy at, or at With over 100 styles to choose from, ranging from cotton florals, bold graphic prints, and a bridal collection of satin and lace - there's a Le Pique Nique Bag for just about everyone.

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