Good Morning, Sunshine!

The sunrise and I have never been the best of friends. But all of that changed on the first day I had my very first Personal Intention Bracelet with this affirmation:

 “Every sunrise is my gift, to me and from me. I live with love, excitement and freedom. I am successful.”

The sun woke me up that first morning, coming through just the smallest of cracks in a drawn shade and through the door that normally is closed. AND, it was the first day of sunshine we’d had in Chicago for going on three weeks. I can’t tell you how many people that day commented on it—customers at the shop, the mailman, friends. Sunshine was everywhere—even on an NPR segment with a weatherman and in song titles I heard all day on Spotify!

OK, I get it already! I am manifesting my intention! Right now! Right away!

It took me awhile to get there, though. I wanted my first Personal Intention Bracelet to be created at a time that was incredibly meaningful to me—even though my Mom had been nudging me to do one since she first started making them in 2010. Finally, the time was right when I decided it was time to take more ownership in my life, both spiritually and with my career.

So, I talked it over with my Mom, Sandy Rueve, and she found the perfect astrological time to support my intentions and goals. In fact, as we were discussing the chart, it sparked even more ideas and inspirations!

Just like any client she has worked with, Sandy started making the beads for my Personal Intention Bracelet at the exact time we’d picked. And, that’s when I locked myself into a quiet room to meditate on my intention, wrote it down on the first page of a brand-new planning notebook and just kept repeating my affirmation over and over and over. Sure, I’d made promises to myself before, but this was different. This promise I made to myself was in a solemn and meditative state.

My first Personal Intention Bracelet has been an eye-opening experience (no pun intended). I’m sure all those “sun” things would have happened anyway, whether I’d done my bracelet or not. But, the Sun blindsided me that day, and now I know that I have opened a door and let the Sun in.

My bracelet reminds me that the sunrise is a gift to me each day to feel the way I feel and a gift to do what I do. And, now, I’m allowing myself to have it at the beginning of each day. I’m getting up earlier to greet the Sun, and I look forward to each day. Because now I am manifesting my intention and recognize that each day the sun rises is a gift to me—and what I do with that day is my gift to me.

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