Celebrate your achievements, it's Virgo season!

As we end our fun-loving Leo season, August 22nd ushers in the beginning of Virgo Season! Virgo, the zodiac sign of the Virgin, uses purity, discretion, and her critical eye to sort though the harvest for the best. Virgo season is a time to get things back in order- think: going back to school or harvesting/rationing for winter. Virgos are great at organization, processes, and routine thanks to their keen abilities of discipline and examination. So take note this season to check in with your health and work routines- it is a perfect time! But while the critical eye is on point- make sure not to over-criticize yourself or others! Use your constructive criticism not the destructive kind! Also, take note of September 2nd when Mars is opposing Neptune- this is a conflicting time of deception, so be careful of who you trust and make sure you are not the untrustworthy one! September 20th is a Full Moon in Pisces- a time to escape into your feelings and senses. Then we step into the Fall Season with the Fall Equinox on September 22nd. This is when we should come together to celebrate and work together! Virgo season will be a test to maintain integrity while using our decision making skills and practicality. Stay true and stay disciplined!

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