Climb gracefully to the highest mountain. It's Capricorn season!

It is time to say bon voyage to our adventurous wanderlusting - Sagittarius Season. And now, we move into Capricorn season- the time to get down to business! The Sun has left the sign of the archer and entering Capricorn on December 21 (the same day as the winter solstice!) where it'll stay until January 19. Now is the time to pull-up from your bootstraps, and get your hard-working spirit to work! 

Capricorn characteristics are ambition, persistence, practicality, discipline— well, you get the idea. And this year, we will feel these BIG Capricorn plans — not only because of the sun's ingress but also because Venus Retrograde, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto are all in Capricorn! This creates a stellium, which is when three or more planets are in one sign.

Capricorn is the determined Earth sign that loves structures, systems, and anything that helps scale our plans (for world domination). This season, make tangible action plans for the year ahead — that means travels, goals, or any other desires we want to manifest in 2022. Here is a list of Sandy’s favorite talismans to manifest in 2022. 

One date to look out for this season? January 8. It's the first Venus Star Point of 2022, which is what happens when Venus moves through our solar system in the shape of a five-pointed star, and at the very top it meets with the Sun. It's been called the luckiest date (astrologically) for manifesting love and money. Sandy will be hosting a talisman webinar on January 15th for the Venus Heliacal Rise- encompassing all this wonderful energy! Join the Venus Helical Rise Talisman Webinar

The beginning of the calendar year is always a great time to start planning, writing our visions, and beginning the trek! So let's take advantage of this Capricorn season and Capri-Diem ;)

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