Dig your feet into the mud, it's Taurus Season!

Happy Taurus Season!

Moving from the ignited forward-moving momentum we move into the sign of Taurus today. Taurus is the Bull, strong and sturdy, where the energy slows and we begin feeling our feet stable on the ground.
Taurus Season is our time in the year to slow down, enjoy the moment, and think about what we wish to really dedicate our time to.

While Aries Season inspires our impulses and passions, Taurus Season wants us to look at our steady, long-term goals and to look at the quality of things around vs. the quantity.

Taurus is also the sign linked with pleasure, so this month, we are each getting an opportunity to stop and smell the roses and make time for pleasure in our lives.

Rather than rushing ahead and using this strong momentum to get things done, we can now sit back, relax, and think of ways to conserve our resources and energy.

If you begin to feel off recently, focus on creating a routine, taking small methodical steps, and preserving your energy for what is truly important. As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, self-care and luxurious goods are also highly recommended.

One of the gifts and lessons that Taurus teaches us is owning our worth and acknowledging how valuable we truly are.


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