Eclipse Season Begins!

Wednesday, May 26th is the beginning of this year's eclipse season with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius! Eclipses happen every year and are paired with a new moon or a full moon. And these happen anywhere between 4 to 6 times a year. Since the Sun, Moon, and the Earth need to be at very precise locations, the eclipses come in seasons where both Solar and Lunar eclipses happen one after another. Then, June 10th will be the sequential Solar Eclipse of the season- in Gemini. This means the Sun and Moon will both be in Gemini (and the moon will step in-front of the Sun casting a shadow on the earth). Astrologically speaking, the meaning behind the eclipses are about things coming to light, uncovering hidden or overlooked details, or using our own power of illumination to shine light where it is needed. Eclipses can urge us to look at the dark places that have been ignored or swept under the rug. 

Did you know? Lunar Eclipses will only happen during a full moon since the rays from the sun are covered by the earth, casting a shadow onto the moon. Solar Eclipses will only happen during a new moon where the moon steps in front of the sun's rays, thus, casting a shadow upon the earth that looks as if the sun's light is fully or partially extinguished (remember the Great American Eclipse back in 2017? That was a total solar eclipse). And learn more from our Solar Eclipse Webinar.

This eclipse season is on the Sagittarius and Gemini plane. Sagittarius, being the BIG-picture, international, far-reaching sign - and Gemini being the small, intricate, and detail-oriented sign - This eclipse season will be illuminating how we can best communicate and balance our big ideals with the day to day tasks. Or also, how can we best process the truth for ourselves when taking into consideration the big vision and the minute detail. Because self-educating is a big Sagittarius pursuit, before you go speaking of what you think is true, make sure you've got the knowledge to back it up. 

Here’s how this may affect the zodiac signs:

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Take some time to reconnect with those far and wide, explore entrepreneurial ventures and creative partnerships

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): These are money moons for earth signs! Hidden investment opportunities could arise, but don't forget about the hidden costs and forgotten charges!

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Distinguish yourself within partnerships so you have both autonomy and togetherness and can be clear on any agreements

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Begin some healthy habits, detox from the activities that take away from your energy. Consider: Is it time to de-stress at work?



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