Explore far and wide to experience the adventure of the world! It's Sagittarius Season!

Unlike Scorpio, Sagittarius isn't interested in drama or diving deep into emotions. Sagittarius is the Archer- reaching high to the sky with optimism and adventure. Sagittarians are big, life-loving personalities who adore travel, being at the parties, and exploring as much as life has to offer. They're also born philosophers who are endlessly passionate about their beliefs and share their world view, often. No matter what your sign is, we all can take advantage of the positivity and zeal- by inviting it into our lives. Now is the time to work towards making whatever you've been manifesting for the past year a reality. The energy is here — now, act on it.

If there is one thing that Sagittarius can teach us, it is to explore! When we explore the world around us we learn, we grow, and we attract. Whatever it is that you are currently working on, isn't it time to reignite that same sense of excitement as when you first began? Having a beginners mind is a wonderful trick held by Sagittarians. Seeing things with new, positive light- since it is ruled by Jupiter after all!

Some things to note during this period:

Saturn/Uranus Square: This is still a challenging time, one that is pushing our boundaries and straining our discipline. However, with this new sense of buoyancy and ignition, this is a wonderful time to keep pushing for your lofty goals and see what happens! Learn more from our Saturn Uranus webinars

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: A boom of energy and determination- keep your head up and allow for this optimism to engulf you! This is the last of the eclipse season this year and the last of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis for 18.5 years... so make it count!

Neptune stations direct in Pisces: Neptune is moving forward again. And what does it reaaally want to do? Probably crack open the liquor cabinet, so make sure to reroute from there and explore some creative ways to escape!


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