Get ready to dig deep- It's Scorpio Season!

Scorpio season is upon us! And so is the beginning of Eclipse season. As we are leaving the relationship-conscious Libra season, we are now left to discover more of ourselves. Scorpio, the deepest of the signs, is arguably one of the most powerful zodiac signs- if it can be harnessed. The scorpion is a small but deadly animal that burrows deep to hide and molten its skin. This reflects the transformative abilities of the sign. Yet, as with every sign, there is a downfall when the scorpion cannot resurface from the depths (think drowning in emotions).

Scorpio is a sign connected to transformation and the cycles of death and rebirth. At this time of year, nature is a constant reminder of the cycles of death and rebirth as we reach the falling leaves of Autumn. Transformation can often be painful and involves the stripping of layers. But as each layer is pulled back, we can gain a deeper awareness and move closer to the core of who we are.

Scorpio energy is always beneficial when it comes to understanding the roots behind our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Plus! We have a free meditation for you that will be perfect for Scorpio season & Mars Rx in Gemini.

This Scorpio season, it is time to ask yourself, what can I brave to uncover about myself in order to begin the healing process?

With Mars entering Retrograde on October 30, we may feel our energy shifting inward, helping us to reflect and reassess how our actions and motivations are either serving or hindering us. 

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