Get ready to fully charge at new beginnings... it's Aries season!

Happy Spring Equinox, Astrology New Year, and Aries Season!

So much is happening today! The Sun moves from the watery, imaginary Pisces – into the fiery, activating Aries. This is sure to be a welcome change and a good time for all of us, regardless of our natal sign, to think about how we can use some of this energy in our own lives.


Where have you lost or given up ownership of your own life? How can you take back control by acting before overthinking? 


Instead of waiting for others, waiting for opportunities, or disbelieving our own power, Aries Season asks you to take your power back. If you are feeling lost or unmotivated, Aries energy gives us the confidence we need to take action. In fact, Aries is all about taking action, so be sure you are not just dreaming or thinking about it (Pisces). It doesn’t matter if the steps are small, often that is all it takes to get the ball rolling and to bring a new horizon into focus.


Take charge with these Aries talismans 


The symbol of Aries is the Ram’s Head- charging forward to fight the things a-head! When things are bleak, when we feel defeated by our struggles, it is the energy of Aries that helps us to soldier through, keeping a headstrong, forward movement. If you are facing a situation like that in your life now, or if something in your life needs to change, Aries Season is a fantastic time to start and march to new beginnings. This is especially true this year, since we don’t have any major planets in retrograde motion. So… it is time. GET UP & GET GOING.


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