Is it hot in here, or is it just Leo Season?

Leo Season 2022 is on the prowl from July 22 until August 22. During this window, we can channel the confident and royal energy of the Lion! Wear your jewel tones and show your exuberance... 

We all know the Lion is the king of the jungle with a proud, fearless energy. However, on a deeper level, the Leo energy is about shedding the false self and stepping into all that we are.

Who am I, and what is my unique gift that I give to the world?

The greatest lesson that the Leo can provide is that a Lion doesn’t have to be anything other than itself. The Lion is wholesome as itself and shouldn’t waste time trying to be anything else! And the same is true for us.

With everything I have been given and all the experiences I've had- why would I want to be anyone else? This is not the time to try to fit in!

In modern astrology, the energy of Leo is linked to success, fame, confidence, and glamour. It can help our egos to shine and can give us a boost of energy, allowing us to play and explore our creative ideas. At its core however, Leo is really about finding simplicity, leading with the heart, and remembering that we need not be anything other than ourselves.

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