Intention Beads

Recharge & Repair Your Intention Bracelet

$50 $60

Recharge your Talisman

Has your talisman lost its elasticity?


Is it time to recommit to your intention?

Get your bracelet back to its original elasticity, as well as include a 15-minute/45-minute zoom consultation with Sandy, where she will review the details of your talisman and reignite your motivation toward your intention!


  1. Select which option(s) you need and finalize the order. When checking out, make sure your shipping information is correct- since this will be the address we return your talisman after repair.
  2. Ship your bracelet to Intention Beads, ATTN: Repairs/Re-Charge, PO Box 6490, Evanston, IL 60204 (please include: a phone number + order # or printed receipt of the transaction)
  3. We will ship your talisman to the address provided. 
  4. {For recharges only} Once you have received your repaired talisman, you can schedule your time to speak with Sandy here: 15 mins or 45 mins. Looking over the astrological transits and purpose of the talisman, Sandy will re-energize your connection to your Intention Bracelet + help guide you back to your intention!

*Please note if you solely select a reprint of your intention card, you do not need to follow these steps. Simply note in the order what the talisman number is, or email if you are not sure.

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