Intention Beads

"I initiate conversation"


Hand created by Sandy on August 8, 2014 7:08 am in Cincinnati, OH

Sun conjunct Mercury trine Uranus

Affirmation: "I initiate conversation"

Sandy states: "Ruler of chart, Sun in Leo(proud) is exact Mercury(talkative) and in the first house of self. The aspect to Uranus in Aries is great in the 10th house of career and recognition. So start talking about anything and just maybe it will advance your profession!"

Orbit necklaces are made during a variety of auspicious astrological timings. Close to your heart, the necklace rolls with you wherever you travel and reminds you of the future abundance that awaits you!


  • Orbit necklace (24" silver chain)
  • Instruction card (the how-to)
  • Detachable affirmation card (to travel with you in a wallet or pocket)


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