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Jupiter in Sagittarius Celestial Bracelet


Bracelets are made in a Medium Size and will fit wrists smaller than 6 3/4". Please include a note at checkout if you need a different size. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Jupiter is the planet of growth, knowledge, and positivity. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius, which holds these similar qualities. On Nov. 8, 2018, Jupiter began his transit through his favorite sign, Sagittarius- a wonderful time of inspired growth, positivity, and bliss! And this date is precisely the time that the focal guru bead was handmade- holding that sacred energy. Each bead is then sent across the globe to Bali, where the beads are paired with Rudrakshas and gemstones, blessed in a Balinese temple, and sent back creating a full circle around the world! When we focus our attention, we give purpose and meaning to the fleeting thought, we create an intention.   

Although our Celestial Bead Malas correspond with some specific signs, their intention is for everyone with similar attributes or intentionsThis is a wonderful gift for those looking to set their intentions around: 

Expanding views of optimism, faith, and inspiration. Growth, higher education, international travel, spiritual wisdom, adventure/wanderlust, optimism/positivity, hope, exuberance, faith, & beliefs.

Mantras: I create prosperity and possibility in my work and personal life.”
"I grow my faith in the Divine.”

Materials: 108 rudraksha seed beads (7mm), tassel, Intention Bead guru bead, gold OM charm, supporting gemstones: Amethyst, Garnet, Amber, Lapis, Aquamarine


  • Bracelet (Medium Size- will fit wrists smaller than 6 3/4")
    • Please include a note at checkout if you need a different size. 
  • Information Card
  • Gift Bag

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