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Stationing Direct Astrology Webinar


We are very excited to bring you our newest online webinars and we hope that they provide you with valuable astrological information. The LIVE Stationing Direct webinar will begin on November 11 at 5:30 pm Central (1-hour). 

When a planet is retrograde, which is a popular term with Mercury, the planet seemingly is moving backward. Astrologically, this retrograde phenomenon is a time for inner-reflection, repeating processes, and not a time for action or progress. However, once the planet is ready to begin its normal forward motion, this phenomenon of 'stationing direct' is a time for preparation or the countdown until blastoff! With all three planets (Mercury, Mars, & Neptune) stationing direct this is a wonderful time to prepare and begin action!

Mercury: the planet of communication, business deals, & commerce
Mars: the planet of action, athletics, & drive
Neptune: the planet of dreams, visions, & fantasy 

The CWS Astrology Webinars are a great way to learn more about astrology! Sandy and Susan are teaming up to provide lessons on both current astrological transits and the basics of astrology. Their unique way of teaching is upbeat, humorous, and approachable. Join this duo either LIVE for the airing of the webinar or DOWNLOAD the recording anytime afterward!

Since our webinars will be speaking about the general astrological phenomenon, we will not be able to focus on individual charts. However, if you’d like to personalize the webinar- there are two options:

  1. When Sandy and Susan are discussing the transits- they mention specific chart points that may correlate to yours! For $5, you can add a digital copy of your Chart (natal astrological chart + the current transits), which is emailed to you directly. Choose "Yes" to add this to your order & include your birth data below!
  2. Stick around after the webinar to speak privately with Sandy and Susan about your chart! It is best to schedule these prior to the webinar, however, if there are any appointments available, you are able to sign-up during the webinar. ($40 for 15-minutes or $80 for 30-minutes) Schedule here: or


Once you have purchased the webinar, you will be directed to a page with a download (you will also receive the download link via email). Download that PDF for the log-in links for the Zoom webinar. 

When joining the webinar, you will need to click the Zoom link either from your smartphone or computer. And make sure to test the link before the LIVE webinar!


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