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Private Event: Yoga6 Downers Grove


To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

Sign-up for any of the following events: 

Saturday, October 15 (2 pm)
Sunday, October 16 (2 pm)
or sign up for both events and receive a special price!

YogaSix in Downers Grove
980 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your birth information is correct! There will not be time for reprints. 



2 ​- ​3:30 PM​ (90 mins​)

Join astrologer, Sandy Rueve (from the asto-lineage of Barbara Shermer), as she takes you through the upcoming astrological transits. Novice to intermediate knowledge of astrology would benefit from this curated and easy-to-understand astrological data. Know what is coming up, while glancing over your own chart to see if these transits could be affecting you directly!

This event includes:

  • Cosmic Trends: astrological data (2022 and into 2023)

  • Printout of your natal chart (without notes or report)

  • Astrology guide

  • Plus some BONUS gifts and offers



TALISMAN WORKSHOP EVENT: $120    Very limited availability!
2 ​- ​5 PM​ (3 hours​)

Hand create your own astrological talisman! Join astrologer & talisman-maker, Sandy Rueve as she guides you to create your own personal talisman. Using the auspicious astrological time period, your talisman will embody the power of a Grand Trine in Air.

This event includes:

  • Print out of your chart (with handwritten notes from Sandy)

  • Personal guidance into your chart & a powerful affirmation for you

  • Hand create your own Talisman (information below)

About the talisman:

To express myself with confidence, discipline, and skill.

AFFIRMATION (examples​​- you will write your own):
"I easily concentrate, use common sense for a successful, positive outlet."
"I speak honestly regarding my priorities. I am clear-headed and focused!"

(example of finished talisman- colors will vary)

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