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Spring 2024 Solar Eclipse Astrology Webinar


This webinar will be recorded LIVE on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. Want this webinar and all webinars complimentary? Join our Patreon community today.

This spring's big astrological events are the eclipses that occur on the Aries/Libra axis. The 2024 Spring eclipse season along the Aries/Libra axis brings a dynamic interplay between individuality and relationships. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 25 highlights the tension between asserting personal needs and maintaining harmony in partnerships. The Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 amplifies themes of self-discovery and bold action, urging individuals to embrace their individuality while being mindful of potential conflicts arising from impulsiveness. Overall, this eclipse season offers opportunities for personal growth, transformation, and finding balance between self-expression and collaboration in relationships.

Learn the basics of how lunar and solar eclipses happen, what meanings they have astrologically, the history of similar eclipses, and how you can best work with them! 

  • Eclipse 101- Learn the differences between solar and lunar eclipses and how they happen
  • Find the Meaning- Learn how and why Astrologers interpret the symbolism of eclipses
  • Historical Data- See when in history similar eclipses have happened and how they played out


The CWS Astrology Webinars are a great way to learn more about astrology! Sandy and Susan are teaming up to provide lessons on both current astrological transits and the basics of astrology. Their unique way of teaching is upbeat, humorous, and approachable. Join this duo either LIVE for the airing of the webinar or DOWNLOAD the recording anytime afterward!


Since our webinars will be speaking about the general astrological phenomenon, we will not be able to focus on individual charts. However, if you’d like to personalize the webinar:

Stick around after the webinar to speak privately with Sandy and Susan about your chart! It is best to schedule these before the webinar, however, if there are any appointments available, you can sign-up during the webinar. Schedule here:


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