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Astrology Webinar: Your Solar Powered Year


To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

Online Webinar

Are your days blending into each other? Would you like astrological guidance as you plan your year? If so, this Webinar is for you! Connect with the Universal order as you look and plan ahead!

This Webinar will give you the exact dates that the Sun will be aspecting YOUR natal planets, these dates are specific to you based on your birth-date. These notable dates are approximately the same each year, as the Sun transits at a consistent speed. Sandy will explain the type of energy activated by key Sun transits, share ways to best take advantage of that energy, and prepare you to harness the power of the Sun!

The $144 Webinar cost includes:

  • 2-hour online recorded webinar with Sandy explaining the transits and how they will affect you during this year and beyond. The download link will be provided at checkout as well as via email.
  • Your natal chart, detailed report, time map, plus 11 worksheets with the 66 exact dates of your Sun transits (based on your personal natal chart) with comments on the specific energy. These will be emailed to you directly from Sandy@intentionbeads! Please allow up to a few days since Sandy needs to compile a whole year's information.
  • ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATES ARE THE SAME EVERY YEAR- So you only need to purchase this once!

IMPORTANT:  During purchase, you must input your birth data online: Please register with your personal birth information (day, month, year, location, time) here We manually create all of your worksheets, so please allow a few days for the content once you have completed your birth data above. 

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