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Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces Talisman Webinar


Only 2 talismans available!

To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

This webinar will be recorded LIVE on Saturday, April 9 (10:44 am CDT). Please choose below your talisman style and talisman color. You will receive the personal data/webinar via email & the talisman via mail.

Join Sandy Rueve (optimistic astrologer) to dive deep into your creative world! As Jupiter begins his journey in his domicile and dignity of Pisces, Jupiter will join up with Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions. Set your intention and affirmation during this talisman-making webinar to help you open up to huge possibilities and your boundless enlightenment. 

Workshop includes:

  • 2-hour zoom webinar and talisman ceremony with Sandy 
  • Talisman bead (7mm) made during the workshop
  • Sterling silver necklace, bracelet, or charm option to wear your talisman bead 
  • Printed affirmation card 
  • Your natal chart with Jupiter/Neptune transits
  • A special video message from Sandy with personal guidance and direction emailed to you after purchase (allow 3-5 days)

What you'll learn:

  • Jupiter & Neptune Basics- the symbols, meanings, and myths
  • Your specific dates, aspects, and personal houses during this rare transit 
  • How Jupiter & Neptune will be inspiring you to vision, dream, and free yourself up

Intention & Affirmation:

To explore conscious and unconscious creativity.

"I feel the divine rain. I am cleansed and refreshed to create my big dreams."

"I open my arms and heart to the cleansing waters. A cascade of creativity, healing, and inspiration envelop me."

Talisman options:

  • Sterling Silver Bracelet ($222): Adjustable bracelet comes in two sizes (M or L), .925 sterling silver
  • Sterling Silver Necklace  ($255): Adjustable necklace (25" max adjustable to choker length), .925 sterling silver
  • Sterling Silver Charm  ($211): Functional option (clasp to zippers, chains, jewelry) sterling silver clasp, Swarovski crystal

  • ADD-ON ($200): Exclusive to those who have previously joined a talisman webinar. Choose this option if you'd like to add this talisman to your existing bracelet or necklace!
    • Once you check out using this option, you will be sent a return shipping label. 
    • Pack your bracelet/necklace with your order number and name inside- then once we have completed the talisman ceremony, we will add the talisman bead and ship it back to you!

Color options:

  • Choice of three colors: Bright (yellow & purple flower), Dark (deep purple starburst), Black/White (white circles)



    Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a rare transit that has not happened since the 1800s. Jupiter, known as the Great Benefic or the Cosmic Santa Claus, is teaming up with Neptune, the planet of imagination and intuition. One main thing these two have in common is that they both rule Pisces- Jupiter, the traditional ruler & Neptune, the modern ruler.

    Pisces energy will be at a peak during this transit, which does not mean you need to be a Pisces Sun- since there is Pisces within each person's chart. This transit will give everyone a heightened and focused ability to peek through the "veil," to lean in and trust intuition, and to build a worthy and creative lifestyle. 

    Creating talismans during this Jupiter conjunct Neptune is like a spark of inspiration to ignite a wildfire of creativity. 


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