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Jupiter Saturn Conjunction Talisman Ceremony


Only 3 talismans available!

To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

The live event has ended. PURCHASE HERE FOR THE RECORDED WEBINAR DOWNLOAD (December 19 & December 20)

Do you agree that 2020 has been a life-altering year? Well of course! We are in the midst of BIG shifts. So big, that this won't happen again for another 200+ years. This shift is called the Great Conjunction and is changing the direction of not only your life but the earth's! Well, let's first begin with ourselves...

Join Sandy Rueve (optimistic astrologer) for a personal dive into this global shift. If you are ready to be a part of this change or are curious about your part in it, this workshop is for you...

Workshop cost includes:

  • 2.5-hour zoom webinar with Sandy discussing the impact of Jupiter conjunct Saturn (this 200+ year global paradigm shift)
  • Free Download of CWS Webinar: Jupiter Saturn Conjunction ($25)
  • Personal talisman bead (9mm) made for you, during the workshop in which Sandy will roll your affirmation into the bead
  • Sterling silver necklace, bracelet, or charm option to wear your talisman bead
  • Personalized and printed affirmation card 
  • Your natal chart with current transits and a special message from Sandy with personal guidance and direction emailed to you before the webinar
  • A recording of the workshop to review the information, or in case you miss the workshop!

Intention & Affirmation:

To vision and create my new reality.

(Compose your own affirmation!)

Talisman options:

  • Sterling Silver Bracelet* ($200): Adjustable bracelet comes in two sizes (M or L), .925 sterling silver, *and additional beads can be added with future talisman-making ceremonies! 
  • Sterling Silver Necklace*  ($254): Adjustable necklace (25" max adjustable to choker length), .925 sterling silver,  *and additional beads can be added with future talisman-making ceremonies! 
  • Sterling Silver Charm  ($200): Functional option (clasp to zippers, chains, jewelry) sterling silver clasp, Swarovski crystal

  • Choice of three colors: Bright (purple/green butterfly), Dark (orange/green starburst), Black/White (white millefiori flowers)



    Jupiter and Saturn will be making their move into Aquarius within days of each other- ushering in the new air economy (and some astrologers are even arguing- the Age of Aquarius). This is incredibly important because the last time these two planets were conjunct in an air sign was over 200 years ago! Since the beginning of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn (and throw Pluto in there too) have all been conjunct in Capricorn (earth sign) which was a HUGE power struggle of authority and the feeling of suppression. Now that they will be moving together into Aquarius (air sign), this will be bringing a new sense of freedom, community, and innovation.

    This is a time where great shifts can occur in our lives, even though we could be confused about how to move forward, the lesson is to trust yourself and lean into your dreams.

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