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Venus Heliacal Rise Talisman Webinar


Only 4 talismans available!

To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

This webinar was PREVIOUSLY RECORDED on Saturday, January 15, 2022 (11:20 am CST). After purchase, you will receive the personal data/webinar links via email (allow up to 4 days to compile your personal worksheets) & the talisman via mail.

Join Sandy Rueve (your optimistic astrologer) to usher in feminity, self-worth, and beauty with the heliacal rise of Venus. The retrograde heliacal rise occurs once every nineteen months (and every 8 years in her current sign of Capricorn) when Venus first becomes visible above the eastern horizon after her descent into the underworld. This descent includes Venus' cazimi Sun on January 8- a time to burn off the unwanted debris for a more purified reflection of herself.

This is the webinar Sandy has been anticipating. Venus is our femininity, the way we value things, how we see beauty, and also our own self-worth. Having to juggle so much in the past two years, many of us have lost sight of these parts of our lives-- and Venus is here to remind us!

Workshop includes:

  • 2-hour zoom webinar and talisman ceremony with Sandy
  • Personal talisman beads (7mm) made during the workshop while you speak your affirmation and Sandy rolls the bead
  • Sterling silver earrings with a circular drop
  • Personalized and printed affirmation card
  • Your natal chart with personal reports including:
    • Identifying Venus' transiting house
    • Personal planets or points Venus will be aspecting
    • Dates and date ranges of when there occur
  • Recorded video message from Sandy with personal guidance and direction
  • A recording of the workshop to review the information, or in case you miss the live recording

What you'll learn:

  • Start off with the basics: Venus Retrograde & Cycle- the symbols, meanings, and myths
  • Your specific Venus cycle dates, aspects, and personal points. (November 18, 2021- March 3, 2022) 
  • What Venus is asking you to burn off in order to find new life/a personal rising.

Intention & Affirmation:

To reach and attain wholeness.

"I release the false and temporary ideas of the image I have had for myself. I embrace the truth of who I really am on a soul level." 

"I easily permit and portray my born-again self into the world. I am sexy and proud. I have become through the darkness."


    The talisman is a pair of earrings! A very rare type of talisman, yet beautifully meaningful. Intentionally chosen to be earrings so when they are worn, they are only personally witnessed thru a mirror or through an internal knowing. The rose depicted on the bead represents Venus (Sandy will explain more later, of course).


    Venus is the planet of love, money, beauty, and value. During this ceremonious transit, she is required to face the light of the Sun- burning off all that is unwanted, temporary, false, or excessive- leaving a pure sense of spirit, knowledge, and energy.


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