Join Sandy & Zeffi devi for a journey of a lifetime

Egypt Retreat 2024

Wednesday, October 9 - Sunday, October 19, 2024

October 9 - 19, 2024 | Egypt

Retreat Overview

What is Included

  • 10 nights of lodging
  • (2 nights in Cairo, 1 night in Abydos, 2 nights in Luxor, 3 nights on Dahabyia, 1 night in Aswan; 1 night camping in the desert)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Water, tea, and coffee during meals & throughout the journey
  • All site-seeing visits of pyramids, temples, sacred chambers/spaces
  • Sailing the River Nile in a Dahabyia
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off
  • All transportation throughout the retreat
  • Local flight from Cairo to Aswan

  • What is not Included

  • International Airfare
  • Additional drinks or alcoholic drinks
  • Tips for staff (suggested $100)
  • What you'll need to know before you book

    Important details

    CAI - Cairo International Airport

    To arrive on time for the retreat arrive before the evening of Wednesday, October 9th

    Unless you have other travel plans, book your departing flight for the evening of Saturday, October 19th (or later)

    Your Guides

    Sandy Rueve & Zeffi Devi

    Sandy: With over 20 years of experience as an astrologer & talisman-maker, Sandy has hosted numerous international astrology retreats- helping bring the ancient wisdom into modern life.
    Zeffi: Zeffi Devi, a renowned spiritual coach and natural empath, has dedicated over three decades to guiding individuals worldwide on their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Through her deep intuitive abilities and extensive knowledge of spiritual traditions including the Mystery Schools, True Yogini path, Tantric Buddhism, and Native American teachings, Zeffi offers transformative counseling, workshops, and retreats. Her emphasis on embracing the Divine Feminine has been a cornerstone of her work, helping clients tap into their inner power and feminine energies.

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    Join the Egypt Mystic Tour

    Have you ever imagined what it is like to sail up the Nile River? Have you wondered what it would be like to walk among countless sacred temples? This is an exclusive and unique opportunity for you to get first-hand experience on how it was like to sail the waters of the eternal river and to witness such a sacred & historic place. This is your private tour that is designed precisely to enjoy the magical places in Egypt. The trip is NOT a mainstream or commercial tour of Egypt, it is an authentic experience of traveling across the mystical and sacred land.

    Throughout the retreat you will be served amazing traditional Egyptian food, freshly prepared and cooked with love; courtesy of the Egyptian people. You will dive deeper into the culture and the land of Egypt, visit hidden gems, harbor on isolated islands and meet different secluded tribes. You will witness amazing sunrises, magnificent sunsets, sail over blue waters, visit ancient sites, & practice yoga and meditation in a magical and eternal landscape. This is NOT just another touristic guided tour to Egypt, this is a life-changing experience. It’s a journey- a journey for your soul, body and mind to alleviate, relax, to be enlightened and to self-discover; where every step is an adventure and an authentic experience. 

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    Day 1: Wed, 9 October

    Arrive in Cairo 

    • Pick-ups at Cairo airport
    • Check-in to hotel
    • Regroup
    • Dinner in a Restaurant
    • Welcome party

    Day 2: Thu, 10 October

    Pyramids of Giza & Flight to Aswan

    • 8:00AM: Breakfast in 9-Lounge Pyramid Restaurant
    • 11:00AM: Visit the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Valley Temple, and more
    • 2:30PM: A visit to Essential oils shop 
    • 4:00PM: Transfer to Airport and domestic flight to Aswan
    • 7:00PM: Arrival to Aswan and check-in Heisaa Camp and Lodge 
    • 10:00PM: Night visit to Priestesses’ Island and ceremony

    Day 3: Fri, 11 October

    Philae Temple & Set Sail on Dahabyia boat 

    • Tour the Islands of Philae, Bijja and Souheil
    • 10:00AM: Visit of Philae, Isis Temple 
    • 1:00PM: Return to the Heissa camp and checkout 
    • 2:00PM: Board Dahabyia boat- lunch is served upon arrival
    • 3:00PM: Set sail northwards 

    Day 4: Sat, 12 October

    Komombo Temple, Selsela Quarry, & Temple

    • 8:00AM: Yoga Session and Breakfast (on boat)
    • 11:00AM: Arrive and visit the amazing Temple of Komobo 
    • 1:00PM: Visit local community on the island of Besao 
    • 2:00PM: Lunch on Boat 
    • 5:00PM: Selsela Temple and Quarry visit. Meditation in the desert next to the temple. 
    • 8:00PM: Dinner on an island 

    DAY 5: Sun, 13 OCTOBER

    Edfu Temple

    • 8:00AM: Yoga Session and Breakfast (on boat)
    • 11:00AM: Arrive and visit Edfu Temple, the Temple of Horus
    • 2:00PM: Lunch on Boat 
    • 8:00PM: Dinner on an island 

    DAY 6: Mon, 14 OCTOBER

    Esna Temple & Luxor 

    • 8:00AM: Yoga Session and Breakfast on boat. 
    • 11:00AM: Esna; where the small, yet most impressive, Temple of Khunum is located
    • 1:00PM: Checkout boat and transport to Luxor 
    • 3:00PM: Check-in Steignberger hotel Luxor
    • 5:00PM: Visit of Luxor Temple 
    • 8:00PM: Dinner in the best restaurant that provides delicious local traditional food 

    Day 7: Tue, 15 October

    Balloon Ride & Temples 

    • 5:00AM: Wake-up and re-group for the amazing experience of the hot-air balloon 
    • 8:00AM: Return to hotel for breakfast
    • 11:00AM: Re-group for a full day of temple visits: Karnak temple, then sail to the West Bank to visit Habu City and Isis Temple
    • 3:00PM: Lunch 
    • 6:00PM: Coffee at Winter Palace 
    • 8:00PM: Dinner at local restaurant 

    Day 8: Wed, 16 October

    Dendara Temple & Abydos Temple

    • 9:00AM: Wake-up call and meet for breakfast in hotel 
    • 10:00AM: Checkout & Bus trip to Qena, the home for the most spectacular of all temples; the Temple of Hat-Hour at Dendera 
    • 1:30PM: Visit the temple of Hat-Hour
    • 3:00PM: Drive to Abydos
    • 7:00PM: Arrive to Abydos and check-in Flower of Life hotel 
    • 8:00PM: Dinner 

    Day 9: Thu, 17 October

    Abydos > Cairo 

    • 7:00AM: Meet in dining room for coffee and tea
    • 8:00AM: Visit the marvelous Temple of Seti the First; father of the Great Ramses the Second (18th Dynasty) 
    • 11:00AM: Return to hotel for breakfast
    • 12:30PM: Get our seats in the bus for the long drive northwards to Cairo
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is a long and challenging drive; however, we will be stopping periodically
    • 9:00PM: Arrive to Cairo and check-in hotel 

    Day 10: Fri, 18 October

    Sqarra Pyramid Desert & overnight Fayoum

    • 9:00AM: Meet in dining room for breakfast
    • 11:00AM: Transport to Fayoum Desert
    • 1:00PM: Meet our crew in the desert and have Lunch followed by Bedouin tea
    • 3:00PM: Resume our track in the desert and visit some of the most spectacular desert landscapes
    • 6:00PM: Stop for camping and a night full of Bedouin Music and Bedouin BBQ 

    Day 11: Sat, 19 October

    Return to Cairo & transport to airport 

    • 6:00AM: Wakeup for coffee, tea and breakfast in-camp
    • 8:00AM: Resume our track to visit valley of the Petrified Whales
    • 11:00AM: Return to Cairo and transport to Cairo Airport. 


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    $4,599 total per person

    Single Room (only 1 per room):
    $5,599 total

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