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Mexico Retreat 2024

JANUARY 6 - 13, 2024

JANUARY 6 - 13, 2024 | La Ventana, MEXICO | Casa Tara Resort & Spa

Retreat Overview

What is Included

  • 7 nights of lodging and all meals
  • Shuttle transportation to and from
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico SJD airport
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Personal astrology workshops
  • Talisman making
  • Day Trip to Farmers Market
  • Daily yoga/meditation classes
  • SUP boarding, snorkeling and kayaking
  • Salt water pool and hot tub
  • What is not Included

  • Airfare
  • Spa treatments
  • Alcohol
  • Tips
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    Discover our astrological retreat experience...

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    to learn more specific details and what you can expect!

    Astrologer & Talisman-maker

    Sandy Rueve

    With over 20 years of experience as an astrologer and talisman-maker, Sandy will be your guide through the stars and around the world! Her astrology and mythical knowledge is expansive, and her heart even deeper.

    Book a free 15-minute call with Sandy to discuss the retreat

    2-hours north of Cabo

    La Ventana, Mexico

    Mexico is a country of rich culture, delicious cuisine, and welcoming people. Traveling two hours north of Cabo San Lucas, you will escape the tourist-traps to find a wholesome kit-surfing town that prides itself on fresh fish, strong winds, and breathtaking views.

    Eco-Luxury Resort

    Casa Tara Resort & Spa

    A wellness location with a heart, soul, and a story. Marcela, the owner, had a dream to create a feng-shui, eco-centric, and remarkable oasis. And since Intention Beads hosted the first ever retreat over 8 years ago, the relationship and memories built have been nothing short of wonderful.

    The Schedule

    A Daily Example

    We strive to create the perfect balance between rest/adventure, learning/experiencing, & social/personal time.

    An example of a retreat day is:
    yoga (1 hr)
    breakfast (1 hr)
    workshop (2 hr)
    lunch (1.5 hr)
    workshop (2 hr)
    yoyo (you're on your own time) (2 hr)
    dinner (1.5 hr)
    fire side discussion (2 hr)


    All About Mercury

    Mercury, the cosmic communicator, is emerging from retrograde but still casting its spell. What does this mean for you? We'll dive into your personal chart, exploring decisions, conversations, and life directions.

    Before the retreat, mark your calendars from November 26, 2023, to January 21, 2024. Track the events and thoughts during this time; you'll discover your inner compass is unwavering.

    But that's not everything!
    We'll uncover your natal Mercury placement and its influence throughout your life. Mercury retrograde in your birth chart? We'll reveal it. Progressed chart turning Mercury retrograde? We'll explore it all.

    Join us on this cosmic journey!

    The Workshops


    Each retreat has its own special talisman- a symbol of the knowledge and wisdom aquired and inspired by the astrological theme. You will unleash your creative talent (yes, it is there- we promise) and take part in every part of the creation process. We do not disclose the type of talisman until after the opening ceremony.

    Optional adventures

    Water sports & Local Market

    Just you and the open sea - every morning! Explore the beautiful fish and coral with some snorkel gear, stand-up paddle boarding, or a refreshing swim just steps from the resort. As a group, we will also visit the local market with vendors selling textiles, food, jewelry, and souvenirs. A great time to collect some local gifts to bring home!

    Casa Tara Resort & Spa- La Ventana, Mexico

    Welcome to Casa Tara where you shall walk onto the sacred property and immediately feel the relaxed protection of the Goddess Tara. She is undoubtedly the most powerful female deity believed to possess the ability to guide followers, like a star, on their spiritual path.

    As we stay with her for one week at the beginning of a new year,  we can let go and fill up. Our fuel is the blue Sea of Cortez on our own private beach, the saltwater pool and hot tub, access to stand-up paddle boards, snorkeling gear, an amazing spa, a top notch cuisine restaurant, 2 palapas (one outdoor for yoga and one indoor for workshops), personal astrology lessons and practices, and so much more. We will be full of the universe's gifts.

    Book your Free Retreat Call with Sandy


    The location

    Casa Tara Resort & Spa

    On the sacred grounds of Casa Tara, eco-friendly meets luxury and seeks to live in continuous harmony with the environment. The building materials were carefully selected for low-impact alternatives: Straw bales were used as filler in the walls for insulation, the grounds are watered with recycled water, and renewable solar energy powers part of the hotel. As for the atmosphere, a Feng Shui expert led the plans.

    The Accommodations

    Heavenly Rooms

    A small, intimate resort, and no room without an ocean view. You have the choice between a single or double room equipt with: Luxurious Bedding, Ensuite Bathrooms, Desk, Patio, Wifi, Air Conditioning, & Security Box

    The View

    The Sea of Cortez

    A easy walk down a private staircase leads to the secluded shore where you can snorkle, SUP board, or kayak. Enjoy watching the colorful kiteboarders, energizing sun rises, and deep red sunsets.

    The Menu

    Fresh and Local Dishes

    Fresh, locally caught fish and seafood is the main menu- and is one of the major reasons we return every year! The food is delicious, fresh, and made on-site. With a pre-fixed menu that can be modified for any dietary preference, the kitchen serves up decadent surprises for early morning snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail hour! Alcohol is not covered in the retreat price, but available for purchase.

    The Program

    Learning your Astrology

    Each retreat has its own astrological theme that is either present during the retreat or a major transit happening soon. Beginners are welcome! Since the application of the astrology is meant to open your mind and help direct your personal growth- you do not need to know how to read a chart or have any previous astrology experience. All you need is a willingness to listen and learn.

    The Talisman

    Creating your own talisman

    There is no other souvenir quite like it. During the astrology workshops, you will handcreate a meaningful talisman that is all your own to remember the transformative and inspiring journey. Each talisman is different and is not disclosed until after the opening ceremony.

    What you'll need to know before you book

    Important details

    SJD Airport (San Jose del Cabo International Airport), MEXICO

    To arrive on time for the retreat, arrive between 11 am and 2 pm local time on Saturday, January 6th
    To arrive earlier, we can help arrange additional night stay at Casa Tara for a special rate.

    To depart on the shuttle with the group, arrange a flight departure time between 2 pm and 6 pm local time on Saturday, January 13th


    Single Occupancy (only 1 per room): $3,800 total

    Double Occupancy (shared room): $3,300 total


    To hold your spot, a $500 deposit is required.
    Final payment is due by November 6th
    *please note: deposits/payments are non-refunable
    AND payment plans are available!

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