Intention Beads

7-Day Intention Challenge Talismans


Only 2 talismans available!

During our 7-Day Intention Challenge, Sandy began creating a specially written intention and affirmation for each day. Sandy then selected her favorite four days to create charm talismans!

*includes info card and bag 


Day #2 (July 11) Mercury ingress Cancer

To shift into new thought territory. 

“I discover new ways to remember the past. One way is through my heart-to-heart conversations with those of my family and tribe. We all learn."

Day #4 (July 13) Venus conjunct Mars in Leo

To be determined. 

“I go after what I desire. My passion radiates through to my core where I am sustained. Ms. Shy is no longer my driver...Mr. Focus is.”

Day #6 (July 15) Sun trine Neptune

To test my next step.

“I apply my full weight when…
     -I trust the support
     -I feel safe
     -and know that I am protected. 
It’s new territory for me, ya know.”

Day #7 (July 17, 9:34 am ET) Sun opposing Pluto

To BE the power source. 

“I often remind myself that I have my own power grid. I see not a cord attached to me for life support. Again...I remember.”

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