Intention Beads

Aquarius Celestial Bracelet

Although our Celestial Bead Bracelets correspond with the sun signs, their intention is for everyone with similar attributes or intention.  

January 19th - February 18th

  • ASTROLOGICAL TIMING: Sun in Aquarius 
  • QUALITIES: Water Bearer- Dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all; representing creation and the giving of life
  • SYMBOL: Two Fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions. Signifying hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, conflicting desires, and extremes of temperament
  • KEYWORD: "I know"

Mantra:  I allow my thoughts and emotions to flow freely like water from a vessel. 

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop"
- Rumi

Gemstones:  Light lavender amethyst, garnet, jasper and Intention bead as guru bead 

Specifications: 27 beads plus the Intention Bead. Accented with a sterling silver OM

Size: Medium (7in -7.25in)

5 talismans available

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