Intention Beads

Aries Celestial Mala


Only 4 talismans available!

Each of these Intention Beads is created when the Sun (our light & vitality) transits through the zodiac. And each makes an entire trip around the world: first the bead is sculpted in the U.S., sent across the globe to Bali, strung/hand-knotted in Bali with rudraksha beads and gemstones, blessed in a Balinese temple, and sent back creating a full circle around the world!

Although these items correspond with the sun signs, they are for everyone! Either born within the dates below or desiring similar attributes/intentions. 

March 20th - April 19th 

  • ASTROLOGICAL TIMING: Sun in Aries [Mar 20 - Apr 19] 
  • ELEMENT: Cardinal Fire
  • QUALITIES: Courageous, aggressive, open to change and new experience, impulsive, adventurous, straightforward, active
  • SYMBOL: Ram- Assertive, sexual, able to blaze a path head-first
  • KEYWORD: "I am"

Specifications: 108 rudraksha seed beads (7mm), tassel, Intention Bead guru bead, sterling silver OM charm, supporting gemstones: Red & Green Jasper


  • Mala (one size)
  • Information Card
  • Gift Bag

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