He Beads

Eye of the Tiger Earth Bracelet


WHO DAT! Founder, Sandy Rueve, grew up in Cincinnati and still enjoys watching her Favorite Football team!

Sporty and outdoorsy, our Earth bracelets for men can survive anything you throw at it. Waterproof and sweatproof, it's durable and eco-friendly! Show your style with one of our most popular men's bracelets. Made in the U.S.A.


In 1993, basketball legend Michael Jordan requested a hand-rolled clay bead bracelet from beadmaker, Sandy Rueve. Soon after, his teammates were requesting their own one-of-a-kind bead bracelets and He Beads was born. He Beads are designed exclusively for men in a variety of colors and handmade patterns. Durable and waterproof, He Beads make style simple and unique.

Collection/Pattern Description:

Eye of the Tiger: Sandy Rueve, born and raised in Cincinnati, loves cheering on her Bengals! This design features the eye of the bengal tiger- one of the fiercest animals of the jungle. Who Dey!

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