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The Great Conjunction Celestial Mala


About Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius (aka The Great Conjunction):

Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius within days of each other- ushering in the new air economy (and some astrologers are even arguing- the Age of Aquarius). This is incredibly important because the last time these two planets were conjunct in an air sign was over 200 years ago! Since the beginning of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn (and throw Pluto in there too) have all been conjunct in Capricorn (earth sign) which was a HUGE power struggle of authority and the feeling of suppression. Now that they will be moving together into Aquarius (air sign), this will be bringing a new sense of freedom, community, and innovation.

This is a time where great shifts can occur in our lives, even though we could be confused about how to move forward, the lesson is to trust yourself and lean into your dreams.

How this talisman is made:

Each bead is then sent across the globe to Bali, where the beads are paired with Rudrakshas and gemstones, blessed in a Balinese temple, and sent back creating a full circle around the world! 

More details:

When we focus our attention, we give purpose and meaning to the fleeting thought, we create an intention. Although our Celestial Bead Malas correspond with some specific signs, their intention is for everyone with similar attributes or intentions. This is a wonderful gift for those looking to set their intentions around: 

Intention: To vision and create a new reality.

Mantra: “I expand my mind to the possibilities while I take action step-by-step.”

Gemstones: Moonstone, Onyx, Amethyst (light and dark), Pearl

Specifications: 108 X 2 = 216 beads plus the Intention Bead. Rudrani and rudraksha seeds represent Shakti and Shiva. Accented with silver, an OM charm, and black tassel


  • Mala (one size)
  • Information Card
  • Gift Bag    

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