Intention Beads

Gaia "Mother Earth" Bracelets


Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. 

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth. She was the mate of Uranus and the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.

On our last visit to the vortexes of Sedona, we hand selected these locally made beads to add to our bracelets:


  • Also locally known as Sedonalite, Sandstone, Vortex stones
  • Grounding and healing properties
  • Element of Fire
  • The energy is thought to strengthen the Masculine side (Self-confidence)
  • Embrace one to take charge of their own reality and claim their rights to their life


  • Also known as Button Wood, Arizona Planetree
  • This wood is ancient and has been used over 800 years ago to build Montezuma's Castle and Tuzigoot 
  • Found along creeks, rivers, and waterside throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico
  • Elements of Earth, Water, Air 
  • The leaves, bark, trunk, and fruit of the Sycamore have medicinal, antiseptic properties that have been passed down throughout Native American medicine doctors

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