Intention Beads

To increase merchandise sales and acquire profits.


Hand created by Sandy on Saturday, April 18, 2020, in Evanston, Illinois


To increase merchandise sales and acquire profits. 


"My negotiations with my business associates allow me to make profitable deals for each of our goals. We all prosper."


Moon Pisces (27 Lunar Mansion) square Venus Gemini; Mercury Aries (chart ruler) sextile Venus Gemini

# 1227m 


Intention Bracelets are the ultimate one of a kind talisman. Each bead is painstakingly sculpted and timed according to the specific astrological transit. Astrologer and beadmaker, Sandy Rueve chooses the most auspicious times to create her one of a kind talismans- and keeps in touch for one year to hear your story! After you receive your Intention Bracelet, schedule a call with Sandy to activate your talisman over the phone- where she will take you through the daily practice and transfer the energy of the bracelet to you. You can also register your talisman to document your progress through a private, digital journal. (activation & registration)

About Intention Beads:

Intention Beads are intricate, handmade jewelry pieces timed by the stars. When powerful astrological occurrences approach, astrologer Sandy Rueve prepares to create these divinely timed talismans to help capture the potent energy around. Each talisman is unique, and can also be timed to your specific chart. Learn more at

What is a talisman?: 

A talisman is a personal art object with sacred powers. Traced back to ancient practices, talismans must be charged with energy and created for a purpose by a gifted creator. A physical representation of the true desires and intentions of the wearer.

2 talismans available

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