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To continue, please provide below your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Birth Location which will be used when creating your chart.

Your personal talisman

*Once you purchase, make sure to download the PDF at checkout (or check your email inbox for a link). That PDF has your next steps! 

A beautiful, handmade clay talisman customized to your astrological scope and color choice. The process first begins with an astrological consultation with Astrologer and Bead Alchemist, Sandy Rueve. During the consultation, Sandy opens the conversation for you to explore your latest intention and manifest it into word form. Then, once she has searched your chart for the most auspicious time to support the intention, Sandy plans for your talisman to be made. When the time approaches to hand-create your talisman, both you and Sandy are in sacred space- allowing and conducting the cosmic energies! Your talisman embodies this energy, acting as a daily reminder and compass to your greatest Intention. 


  • 1-hour phone consultation with Sandy Rueve
  • A handmade talisman created specifically for you- 108 bead mala
  • Valuable and insightful information about your astrological chart
  • Coaching towards the most potent and powerful wording of an Intention and Affirmation
  • Color direction and style selection of your talisman bracelet
  • Email support and guidance along your journey

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