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Planets & Politics Astrology Webinar


We are very excited to bring you our newest online webinars and we hope that they provide you with valuable astrological information. This is a RECORDED WEBINAR about Planetary Influence on the 2020 Politics (1-hour). 

This is not another over-politicized rant, but a way to look at both sides of the spectrum according to Astrology. The political conventions are the first look into the running-mates and astrologers, Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel, will be steering you through the conventions and beyond! Download this webinar now to join the astrological discussion of which candidate has the stronger chart come election day- and what do the next 4 years in office look like? 

The CWS Astrology Webinars are a great way to learn more about astrology! Sandy and Susan are teaming up to provide lessons on both current astrological transits and the basics of astrology. Their unique way of teaching is upbeat, humorous, and approachable. Join this duo either LIVE for the airing of upcoming webinars or DOWNLOAD the recordings anytime after!


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