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SPECIAL: Personal Talisman Bracelets for Jupiter in Pisces

$333 $554

Create a personal talisman with astrologer and talisman-maker, Sandy Rueve! For a limited time only, Sandy is opening 2 personal talisman times for you to connect with this auspicious Jupiter in Pisces transit!

After you purchase, you must fill out this form:

About Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is the god of abundance, luck, and growth. As Jupiter transits the zodiac, within some signs - like Pisces - he is especially welcomed. Pisces is the sign of peace, mysticism, and healing. Here, Jupiter in Pisces invokes an expanded sense of growth, optimism, and boundlessness.

Intention: To increase wealth and overall good fortune.
Affirmation: Write your own or use the example "Simply, the wheel of time and I click into gear. I allow, permit and appreciate all the goods that rain on me from above. Glorious!"

What is the process?

First, fill out this form once you purchase. Next, reflect on the written form of your Jupiter in Pisces affirmation- you can use the example above, or choose to write your own! When your talisman time approaches (chosen from the time options below), both you and Sandy are in sacred space- allowing and conducting the cosmic energies while she hand-creates your talisman! Your talisman embodies this energy, acting as a daily reminder and compass to your greatest Intention.

    What is included? 

    • Personal Talisman Bracelet & Process ($488 value)
      • A handmade talisman created specifically for you
      • Customize the color and style of your talisman bracelet

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