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Virgo Tin Candle


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Green Leaves • Petrichor • Ozone • Linden Blossom

This scent is made up of natural elements including Linden Blossom, Green Leaves, Petrichor and Ozone, appealing to the earth sign, Virgo.

This sign exudes seemingly effortless elegance and tranquility, while their minds may be thinking of ways they can improve themselves and the lives of those around them.

Linden Blossom, a botanical with relaxing properties, promotes serenity. This powerful scent, harvested from heart-shaped leaves, is warm and green, with honeyed floral notes and a hint of lemon. Its aromatic influence evokes a sense of peace, helping Virgo indulge in much-needed relaxation.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are detail-oriented and appreciate a clean and organized home. Petrichor, the enchanting scent following a rain shower, and Ozone, a scent associated with cleanliness, work to freshen the senses. Combined, these invigorating scents inspire a sense of rejuvenation and new beginnings.

The earthy scent of Green Leaves spark Virgo's connection with nature, helping them be present and reconnect with the natural world.

Fragrance includes essential oils of Patchouli and Clary Sage. Pictured with Aventurine (not included).

2 oz •  2" w x 1.5" h • Burns for 10 hours

What are the candles made from?

Edgewater Candles are made from midwestern soy wax, cotton wicks, and a blend of essential oils and phthalate-free scented oils. Using only these simple materials, with no additives or dyes, our candles are vegan, clean burning, long lasting, and cruelty-free.

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