The Summer Solstice Celebration at Athleta

It all started at Wanderlust, that cold and dreary day at the end of May, where Mother Nature scoffed at us for thinking it was actually turning into summer. We had our tent with Intention Beads and soon realized that we positioned next to the one and only Athleta. Our tent was almost funny in comparison to theirs. While we had a simple, small tent liable to blow away with the wind along with our hopes of sunshine, Athleta's tent was a huge, well-anchored area for them to set up not only several racks of clothes, but a hair braiding station - so cool!

We soon realized that we liked each others company and had several things in common with respect to our clientele. One of our fearless leaders then called up Athleta a few days later, and they invited us to join them for their summer solstice celebration at their Oak St location downtown! It was awesome. Our minds started working just as fast as our bead makers' hands trying to think of a set up worthy of Athleta. Soon, we had the idea to utilize our social media platforms to launch the event.


Everyone who would attend the Oak St store could post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win a free Orbit Necklace! We used our creativity to set up a "Wall of Intentions" where the shoppers would post an intention or affirmation of theirs they wished to fulfill. The response we got was amazing! There was so much positivity flowing from those in the store and we were so pleased to be able to share that moment with them.

We hope to continue to work with Athleta in the future and bring strength, peace of mind, and positivity to our customers! Power to the She!

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