Number One on the Ice and Number One in Our Hearts

The 8th annual Blackhawks Convention was a huge success! She Beads was armed and ready at booth 59 (an awesome corner booth by the way) with a plethora of Blackhawks beads. Jim Malone helped set up our display, so it was obviously the best one there complete with lights, book shelves, and a ton of duct tape...quack quack.

It's no secret that we love the Blackhawks, you'd have to live under a rock for the past 4 months in order to ignore our posts and discounts regarding the hawks, but that wouldn't be ideal because you'd miss out on the deals. And, ya'd be living under a rock. 

The convention was a busy, bustling labyrinth of Blackhawks fans, apparel and accessories. The days were filled with shopping, autographs and fun games for the kids. We blew through our product and even sold out of our brand new Dynasty Collection! Our social media was on point as well, offering discounts and free gifts when a cute picture with our pal Lil' Stan was posted. The Go Pro was in full effect as well taking videos and pictures of our adventures around the salons - simply a fancy {French?} word for room...we didn't quite understand that either. 

Above is a picture of Sean Grady, a huge Blackhawks and now She Beads fanatic who also plays a little hockey of his own! Sled hockey is an up and coming sport which Sean plays on his team called the Hornets. It is truly his passion and he loves being able to participate in hockey regardless of being confined to a wheelchair. He was so willing to share his stories of playing sled hockey with us, and we loved being able to share our passion of bead making with him.

Although our set up was out of this world, Lil' Stan totally stole the show. We designed a fun contest for customers to post and potentially win a gift card, but even those who didn't post still had a blast taking pictures of the little cup.

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AWESOME. Appreciate the shout out.

Tracey July 21, 2015

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