Summer Squad Collection

Squad (n): A small number of soldiers, commonly 10 privates, a staff sergeant, and a corporal; the smallest military unit.

Okay, so we aren't exactly a military unit but we work *almost* as hard as soldiers. Being a small business, hard work is basically the order of the day, everyday. We love what we do for our customers, so you won't here any complaining from this side.

This summer, the blogs have really started to gain momentum. The blogs have covered everything from the unveiling of the New Apple Watch, to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, to the events and festivals we have been working. Flash sales and Instagram campaigns have been featured as well as the FARE luncheon we attended.


Typing our fingers to the bone (not really) and editing Instagram posts have paid off! Sandy recently ordered a small batch of Swarovski crystals and set to work finding designs that best complimented the crystal and each of the different personalities of our summer helpers! The Tracey, Laura and Jenny patterns came to life and took the world by storm. Well not the whole world but a girl can dream, right?

The boss - Sandy, not Springsteen - knows us so well, so assigning a bracelet for each of us was a piece of cake. Tracey's purple and white dots and sunbursts describe her energetic and zealous personality to a tee. Laura's calm green swirls and simple blue flower can be attributed to her quiet yet hilarious demeanor. The Jenny's cool blue designs and white flower represent my carefree and casual way of life.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Summer Squad Collection Bracelet! Unfortunately they are sold out, but don't worry! Our Fall Collections will be arriving shortly!!!


Love them all!

Cheryl July 27, 2015

I love all 3 of the new bracelets & of course will be ordering one of each. I’m hooked on SheBeads. Love that they are named for those on the front lines.

Pam Phillips July 27, 2015

Great job! They are all beautiful !???

Cheryl July 27, 2015

Waited for something like these in summer blues and greens and a group that works so well with each other . Thank you great designs

Denise July 27, 2015

Love the green

Lori Sloan July 27, 2015

Love the green

Lori Sloan July 27, 2015

I Love all the beads and all the variations. I am wondering if a Detroit Tiger Bead will ever evolve?

Maureen July 27, 2015

Love, love, love the Summer Squad Collection…..especially the purple!

Mary July 27, 2015

I have three best friends and will purchase one for each!

JoAnn July 27, 2015

Oh gosh ……did I make it for the special pricing.
Love the creativity!!!!!

Tracey Grady July 27, 2015

Wow. I am going to pretend Tracey was named Beautiful

Tracey Grady July 27, 2015

I love The Summer Squad Collection. I just left a friend with whom I shared the site as I proudly showed off my Intention bracelet. I’m going to order the blue one in the set. I love it. The green is cool, too.

Great choice for a group name!

Mary Marshall July 27, 2015

Cool bracelets!

judith July 27, 2015

I am really loving the Laura – love the calming colors

Melody Luthra July 27, 2015

I love the green one! So pretty! :)

Melissa July 27, 2015

Witty commentary on 3 stylish bracelets showing how each compliment the other making them a ‘squad’ to be reckoned with!

Donna July 27, 2015

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