Knox Hamilton Brings in the 2015 Fall Collections

"We're With The Band."

*The Knox Hamilton Collection will be available as a Fall Collection! Check back soon to get yours!*

Knox Hamilton. It's safe to assume that you know at least their most popular song 'Work It Out', but you know what happens when one assumes? I'll let you finish that one. Let's say you don't know their most popular song, that's ok. Why don't you give it a quick listen right here and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Our owner and super creative kane maker doesn't just have mad skills in the studio, she has an uncanny ability to approach famous bands and musical artists and give them our product. First it was Michael Franti with a set of mala beads, then it was Knox Hamilton. The band loved the beads so much, they wanted their own design! We decided to wait this long to add it into our Fall 2015 Collection - no just kidding we were way swamped with work and just could not get to it until now.

Sandy and Alex were lucky enough to see the band live THREE times! The first couple were at this awesome place in downtown Evanston called Space, near the corner of Dempster and Chicago. Then, hearing that the boys would be at Sun Fest, they amended their travel plans to go a day early and see the band again. They were lucky enough to get a picture (because of Alex's aforementioned stalking abilities) and discuss the possibility for a namesake collection. 


This design process was treated with the utmost scrutiny in order to give the band the coolest possible bracelets. We wanted to choose a pattern that would be a part of our He Beads collection but could also be worn by anyone who supports the band. The "Knox" pattern features a darker blue and deep red while "Hamilton" has a warmer tone with its orange and brown themed beads.


The band members are the nicest and coolest guys, so spending time creating a new collection for them was so much fun! Any day in our studio is a day to be creative and artistic, so we just jammed out to their most recent album and started stringing. 

 Make sure to follow the band on their social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook also! They post some funny stuff and even their upcoming appearances or show dates. 

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