#WeGotStanley In the Studio!

Did you miss it? We almost did! The coveted Stanley Cup made a surprise visit to She Beads studio two days ago - on a Sunday (and to all of those unbeknownst to our weekly hours, She Beads is CLOSED EVERY SUNDAY).

Here's the magical story...

Sunday was a busy day: A show at the Women's EXPO and the September New Moon Circle at the studio. Sandy was greeting all of her attendees to the New Moon Circle, a closed event, when a familiar face walked in that wasn't on the guest list! This familiar face whispered to Sandy, "Would you step outside with me for a second?" Confused, Sandy walked outside to a black limo and bigger SUV. Then, out of the limo the husband of the aforementioned 'familiar face' pulled out THE STANLEY CUP! Now, this should NOT be confused with our mini-Stanley Cup that we love to display at shows and take pictures with. This was THE Stanley Cup.

Let me repeat myself....THE STANLEY CUP!

Pardon me while I try to compose myself while writing this all down...Now anyone from around the Chicagoland area or a fan of any NHL team knows how busy of a schedule Lord Stanley has right after a final, so we here at She Beads were just sitting patiently awaiting the time in which we could inquire about a visit. We had been racking our brains trying to think of contacts or people through the organization we could call up, and we had been making good progress so far. 


The word (and movie) "Serendipity" comes to mind when thinking of this chance encounter. How amazing was it (1) that the cup was hand delivered to our store without even a whisper mentioned to anyone and (2) that it was done so on a day when we are normally closed?! The New Moon Circles are a vey powerful and meditative time, so should the cup have arrived even 10 minutes later, Sandy may have turned it away, seriously! 


While myself (the intern and avid Blackhawks fan) and Alex could not actually be there to witness this greatness, we are still so honored and proud that the Blackhawks organization would think of us as a business that deserved to be in Stanley's presence. We have been making our Blackhawks beads for over a year now, and our time working with the organization has been filled with several wins, heart pounding overtimes and of course, a phenomenal Convention.

New patterns such as the Indian Head and Stanley Cup have been created and thus sparking the Dynasty Collection which was a huge hit. We have had our huge sales and discounts, shoppers ordering from all over the country or coming into the store from all over the state of Illinois, only to buy our Blackhawks beads. They thanked us for everything we have done for the team, but we must also thank the team for everything they have done for us and the rest of the fans out there. Thank you so much, Blackhawks!

We are looking forward to our continued relationship with the team as they continue to grow and win even more Stanley Cup Finals. 



Nice visitor. I live in Englewood, Colorado, but grew up on Ridge Rd. Lived above Norshore Meats. Will definitely patronize your business

Diana Hudson April 28, 2020

Well Deserved Honor, after all where would the hockey moms and fans be without your beads to represent our Champions!

Eleanor Reardon November 17, 2015

Good things happen to good people.Congratulations on your special visitor.It’s good to hear good stories.Jeffrey,NOLA

Jeffrey Douglas November 03, 2015

Awesomeness Go Blackhawks

Tracey September 28, 2015

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