20th Anniversary with BIG news!

"After 20 years of business, I am elated to continue creating my art for my customers everyday." Sandy Rueve, founder of She Beads, first began making beads in 1993 and by the request of Michael Jordan, her hobby was catapulted into a business. Working from her basement, Sandy's first customers came into her home to shop for their She Beads. All by word of mouth, Sandy's business caught the eye of Oprah- twice! Sandy's customers showed so much support for her small cottage business and Sandy decided to quit her job in order to be a full-time bead-maker and entrepreneur. There are three main values that Sandy has encapsulated into her company: charity initiatives, stellar customer service, and being hand-made in America. "Being 'Made in America' has always been very important to me. Keeping money circulating in the US is important to us all! And, plus, I trust the quality and care of products made on American soil." She Beads also continues to make donations to charities ranging from well-known cancer foundations to local animal sanctuaries. "I am excited to see what else is in store for my company. There is never a dull day!"


Sandy wants everyone to join in on She Beads' 20th Anniversary celebration...

And what is better than celebrating with RETRO-pricing!

Beginning today, She Beads & He Beads prices will be lowered 20% across the board. For instance, our popular Large Bead Crystal Bracelet used to be $98, but is now $78! After cutting costs, Sandy is now extending the savings to all of her customers. Many of the changes made will go unnoticed by customers, but the most important are some changes to the products offered and packaging. IMPORTANT NOTE: She Beads has NOT made any changes to the bead-making process and everything is still made in our studio in Wilmette, IL!


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