She Beads teams up with Big Brother Big Sister Trek

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarnia-Lambton is a Non-Profit Organization helping boys and girls in a town in Ontario, Canada. They make a difference in their community by empowering an increasing number of boys and girls to realize their potential.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has teamed up with She Beads & He Beads to create a very special bracelets, the Trekker Beads. This organization has planned many "treks" over the years, and each trip has been a success both personally and locally. Not only do the boys and girls come home with an enlightening experience, but they leave behind a positive mark on all the places they travel. For instance, in Nepal, the trekker group built a ramp for the many polio students to easily access their classroom. In Tanzania, Africa, they finished building a school for many children. And this year they will be helping an orphanage in Peru. At this orphanage, 12 year olds must leave to fend for themselves due to the lack of necessary resources; many of these 12 year olds are forced into dangerous and illegal means. Luckily, Big Brothers Big Sisters has a plan to stop this cycle. These 2013 Trekkers will bring with them a plan to build a home for these 12+ children to farm grains in order for them to provide food for the orphanage, themselves, and for sale. This sustainable plan will also provide the necessary bakery equipment for the much-too-young adults, as well as an opportunity for a responsible, manageable lifestyle.

When our company heard about the opportunity to make bracelets for the Trekkers, we were very excited. Every Trekker that has been on3 trips are awarded a She Beads/He Beads custom bracelet. These bracelets feature different patterns that remind the Trekkers of all the places they've visited with their lasting impression. Here to the right is the picture of the 2013 edition of the Trekker Beads bracelet with the complimentary card to remind them of their travels.

Visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarnia-Lambton Facebook Page.

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