Embrace Your Inner Fire: Join Our Talisman Workshop on the Venus Star Point in Leo

Are you ready to tap into your inner power, express your authentic self, and cultivate love and harmony in all areas of your life? We invite you to join our personalized Talisman Workshop focused on the upcoming Venus Star Point in Leo. This will take place during a live webinar at 6:15 am CDT on Sunday, August 13, 2023, and don't worry if you can't attend live – you'll receive the webinar recording!

Led by Sandy Rueve, a certified astrologer and talisman maker, along with Arielle Guttman, the renowned author of "Venus Star Rising" and creator of the Venus Star Point System, this 2.5-hour workshop will guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery and intention-setting. We are so proud and excited to host alongside of Arielle, who is the trailblazer of the Venus Star Point!

Discover the Venus Star Point in Leo

The Venus Star Point occurs when Venus aligns with the Sun, forming a beautiful pentagram in the sky. In this upcoming workshop, we'll explore the Venus Star Point in Leo, a fire sign associated with self-expression, creativity, and leadership. With the passionate and dramatic energy of Leo combined with Venus' influence of love, beauty, and harmony, this alignment amplifies the themes of self-love, self-confidence, and embracing our unique talents and gifts.

During this Venus Star Point, you may experience a surge of creative inspiration and a desire to express yourself authentically. It's a perfect time to nurture self-love and explore what brings you joy and pleasure in life. This alignment encourages you to step into the spotlight, embrace your individuality, and radiate your inner light.

As Venus is retrograde during this Star Point, it invites you to reflect on your values, relationships, and patterns of relating. It's an opportunity to heal past wounds, release outdated beliefs, and align with your heart's desires. Taking time for introspection, self-care, and inner work can be especially beneficial during this period.

Craft Your Personalized Talisman

In the workshop, Sandy will guide you through the creation of a talisman with your personal intention and affirmation. Prior to the webinar, you'll receive notes from Arielle Guttman herself on your personal Venus Star Point chart, a bi-wheel natal chart showing where the Sun and Venus transit your chart, and a personal worksheet with key information for this Venus-activated point.

During the 2.5-hour live webinar, we'll discuss the impact of this season's Venus Star Point, and you'll have the opportunity to create an affirmation based on how you choose to harness this energy. Sandy will then roll your personal affirmation into a beautiful talisman bead, symbolizing your intention.

After the workshop, you'll receive your chosen talisman: either a charm to carry with you everywhere or a pair of earrings, a perfect ode to Venus, the goddess of beauty. You'll also receive a printed affirmation card with your personal writing, as well as a recording of the webinar to review the information or in case you miss it.

Unveil Your Birth VSP Gifts

Discovering your individual Venus Star Point reveals the special talent you're here to share with the world. You'll gain insights into how this gift influences your perspective, relationships, communication, and life's purpose. Furthermore, we'll explore the year the Venus Star Point opens up a house theme, activates a natal planet, and enhances its presence in your life.

As the 25th Certified VSP Practitioner in the world, Sandy Rueve brings extensive expertise to guide you on this transformative journey.

Set Your Intention, Radiate, and Lead

Join us in setting the intention to radiate and lead from your pure heart

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