Jupiter in Pisces: A Time to Vision

Beginning today (May 13th, 2021 at 5:36 pm CDT), Jupiter is now making his first steps into Pisces, the sign of mysticism, spirituality, and fantasy. 

And this is a time to celebrate! You may be feeling it. A brighter, lighter sense. A more hopeful and inspired focus. It is happening...

Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, is all about, well, being BIG. Jupiter astrologically is the planet of expansion, luck, fortune, abundance- basically amplifying everything it touches! And just like all the other planets, Jupiter will express himself in different qualities when transiting through different zodiac signs. Some planets/luminaries are fast like the moon, transiting a new sign every 2.5 days, but Jupiter is much slower at every year.

NOW is the time to refill your creative and spiritual cups, And don't worry, it is totally understandable if your cup has become a bit depleted recently- we are leaving the time of Jupiter in Aquarius! Occupying Aquarius since December 20, 2020, Jupiter has instigated much needed innovation, technology, and social progress. And don't forget- Aquarius is an air-sign! So if you've been feeling like your head is spinning out of control trying to keep up with the innovations & news- you're not alone. 

Today- you can rejoice because Jupiter is now coming home to Pisces- a much needed reprieve! This is a time to welcome in the big changes on the horizon, and look past your current limitations and vision what is possible past those barriers!

P.S. We are hosting a Talisman Ceremony to set intentions for Jupiter in Pisces- May 27 & June 20- Learn more here

The two fish that represent Pisces are loosely tethered together and swimming in opposite directions- one towards the metaphysical world and the other towards the physical plane. So, Pisces likes to blur those definite lines between what seems possible and impossible!

Our best advice would be to stay aware of the deep undercurrents at play, while maintaining your gaze upon the bright, beautiful horizons ahead. Keep your head above the waters and FLOAT ON! 

However, we will give you fair warning: this is a time of heightened escapism as well! So please treat your mind/body/spirit carefully during this time and you will be able to stay within the healthy mystic visions as opposed to the murky, dark waters. More explicitly- watch out for drugs, alcohol, and harmful modes of escapism.

So to recap: 

  • Embrace feeling more hopeful and inspired
  • Refill your creative and spiritual cups
  • Look past your current limits into the abundant future
  • Notice the BIG change on the horizon
Please comment below: How is Jupiter in Pisces uplifting your spirts? 

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