A heartfelt transformation from the Mexico Retreat

Below is a brave and strong woman's testimonial of the Mexico Retreat. We hope that while you read, you can feel the release that she was able to find In the healing waters, astrology guidance, and a supportive group of women...

This Mexico Retreat filled my soul from top to bottom,  inside and out, and backwards and forwards. There was not one spot that wasn’t touched.

Not two weeks ago the ladies on this retreat were perfect  strangers to me, and I leave with an intimate connection with each of them. Each different, and each perfect.

I went on this Mexico Retreat to give closure and say goodbye to my father Dale who passed on the sea of Cortez 24 years ago while on a fishing trip in January of 1998. His body was cremated and his ashes were laid to rest on the Sea of Cortez. I was not present to say goodbye. This lack of closure had left a hole deep in my soul that I thought would never be filled. An emptiness that put a veil, it seemed, on my whole entire life up to this this point.
This veil has lifted, and I now walk through life filled with the love and self assurance that I had been searching for all these years. This trip will remain sacred in my heart until my last breath.

None of this would’ve been possible without the brilliance, love,compassion, imagination and wisdom from the gorgeous goddess, Sandy Rueve and her beautiful daughter Alex. A deep thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back the joy and happiness at a deep soul level that I could not seem to grasp. The peace and closure that seemed untouchable is now mine, and that is all because of you ladies. Thank you.

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