Create the Balance - it's Libra Season!

As the sun sets on the lively season of summer, Libra Season begins today- the same day as the Fall Equinox. Equinox, meaning equal day and night, represents a turning point as we arrive at the halfway point in the seasonal cycle, and it also marks the midpoint between nature's "youth" and its "old age." Now is a perfect time to check in- what type of balance do we consciously (or unconsciously) create in our lives and relationships...

Do we enjoy how we spend our time? Do we feel that our day-to-day routine is in balance with who we are and who we want to be? Are my relationships pushing me to become my best self, or holding me back?

Libra is represented by the scales, representing justice, fairness, and balance. Within this Libra Sun, we are all called to balance our energy levels, our inner world with our outer world, and the flow of giving and receiving.

Libra, the ruler of the 7th house, also represents the integration of self into the other, that is, the self that we show up as in the many relationships we keep. Relationships very often act as a mirror, alerting us to hidden parts of ourselves, traumas, wounds, or unconscious behaviors. Just the same, certain relationships can inspire us, showing us who we want to be and how to unlock more of our potential. The more significant the relationship, the more it will trigger both of these qualities!

Challenge: Notice the flow of energy (as non-biased as possible) between how much you give towards a relationship -and- how much you receive in return. If you notice that the scales are unfairly tipped, think of what you can do to find more of a balance. And act!

These sorts of questions and themes regarding our relationships may naturally come up for us under the Libra Sun and may even be more intense since Mercury is in Retrograde until October 2 (here is a timely meditation for Mercury Retrograde). As we know, Mercury Rx naturally looks to the past, forcing us to revisit past habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Since Mercury is spending part of its retrograde in Libra and most of its retrograde under the Libra Sun, we could find ourselves needing to revisit past relationship dynamics or our communication style when it comes to the relationships in our lives.


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